Challenge us, send us your start-up material and we will clean it with the Polymount Film Cleaner and send it back to you

Since the launch at Drupa the Polymount Film Cleaner has created interest on a global scale and customers have been asking us if it is possible to send their material to our facility in Nijkerk, in order to run it through the machine. 
From the beginning of January 2017 onwards we will gradually start with the cleaning of YOUR material.
So if you are interested in our Polymount Film Cleaner and you want to test that you can print on the cleaned material again, please send us your material. Before sending your material to us we would like you to complete a 'PFC Test Material Datasheet' so we can process your material in the correct manner.
The steps to take are,  fill in the form, send the form to us and add a copy of it to the shipment. When we receive the material we will contact you and give you a timeframe of a couple of weeks when we plan to clean your material. Once the material is cleaned we will send it back to you.
We will record the cleaning process and will perform Dyne tests and a Densito metric test on the cleaned material. You will receive the test results and the machine settings we used during the cleaning of your material along with the shipment of your material.
If you are interested in sending your material to us or if you have any questions regarding the machine or the cleaning process please contact us by sending an email to our Marketing Manager Carlos Saya: or contact one of our sales offices.

Never seen the Polymount Film Cleaner in action? The video below shows how the machine works; the roll of printed film is guided via multiple loops through a washing tank filled with a specially developed Polywash cleaning liquid. After the washing tank the material passes a water rinsing tank to remove the residual Polywash from the material. The last station is where the cleaned film is dried with patented technology, the end result is a roll of clean and dry film which is ready for the next set-up.