Contstantia Teich in Poland ordered their second Plate Cleaner


Constantia Teich in Poland ordered their second Polymount Plate Cleaner, which is a bigger one compared to the one they already have.

With the Polymount plate cleaner you can fully, automatically clean dirty printing plates. The plate cleaner flushes, brushes and dries the plates, resulting in a perfectly clean plate surface. With the unique (Twinlock) sticky plate system, plates are held firmly in place during washing and drying. The cleaning process completes the cycle of 1 square meter in approximately 5-10 minutes. After washing the plates can be stored away immediately. All you do is press the button and your plates are cleaned automatically. The Polymount plate cleaner operates in 2 directions, making it a unique machine. No other machine cleans and dries both ways. 

If you want the maximum life out of your printing plates, contact one of our sales offices for more information.