Nordfolien Poland acquires Plate Cleaner XL2

During the summer Nordfolien has bought the PPC XL2, the main reasons for them to invest in this machine was to extend the life of their printing plates. Beforehand they were damaging the plates with manual cleaning. After reviewing multiple options of plate cleaners they concluded that the performance and user friendliness was the best with our machine. The plate cleaner requires minimal handling with great output. 
Their other facility, Nordfolien in Germany, also uses our plate cleaner and is very positive about the cleaning results and the output of the machine. The machine cleans both ways making it very efficient to clean dirty printing plates compared to manual cleaning. 

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Apart from industrial bag packaging for the chemical industry as well as films for transport and pallet protection we also develop and produce packaging for peat and wood processing, building industry and the food sector.
Thanks to high quality raw materials and innovative recipes all NORDFOLIEN packaging is characterised by the highest levels of quality.

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