More orders for Twinlock from Down Under

Andrew Kohn Pty Ltd is a leading independent, family owned, custom packaging company, based in Dingley Village, Victoria, Australia. They have been established for more than 60 years and they extrude, print, laminate, slit and convert  various bag, flexible packaging and pouch products for the Australian and overseas markets.

Under the guidance of Printing Manager, Zoran Josic, they have been using Twinlock sleeves on their two most recent F&K (Bobst ) presses since 2015. After running more than 62 jobs at the same repeat length during a three month period at the end of last year, it became obvious that the “return on investment” when using Twinlock was over a very short period of time. When they recently decided to renew some of their sleeve inventory Zoran decided that Twinlock sleeves were the best option available and placed an order for 160 Twinlock sleeves. The improvements in print quality, greater press speed and also the savings on tape costs were the main reasons for them to choose Twinlock.   

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