The Twinlock Sleeves by Polymount are now Full HD Certified by Esko

After receiving the HD Flexo certification by Esko in August of 2014, Polymount is proud to announce that as of April 2015 we received the Full HD Flexo certification. Full HD Flexo is the new standard for flexo quality. 
Receiving this certificate acknowledges that we as Polymount are performing among the best in our field with our self-adhesive Twinlock Sleeves. With our self-adhesive Twinlock Sleeves by Polymount we offer a valid alternative to offset and gravure.

The quality of offset and gravure printing has always been somewhat of a Holy Grail for flexo. However, with HD Flexo and Full HD Flexo, that gap is being closed. Offering consistency, vibrant colours and increased print quality, Full HD Flexo raises the industry standard in flexo printing.

Flexo printing can now compete with offset for quality labels and with gravure printing for flexible packaging. In addition, our Twinlock Sleeves enable you to generate consistent print results, increase printing speeds, improve efficiency in the mounting department and they also reduce your tape waste and therefore reduce your Carbon Footprint. Thanks to self-adhesive Twinlock Sleeves you no longer need tape to mount your printing plates, this results in significant financial savings.

The Full HD Flexo Benefits of the self-adhesive Twinlock Sleeve 
•    Smoother, sharper images with an expanded tonal range
•    Bright impactful solids and a wider colour gamut
•    Improved results achievable with existing printing equipment
•    Industry standard quality supported by all major plate vendors
•    Suitable for labels and tags, flexible packaging, corrugated and carton print 

Smoother, sharper images with an expanded tonal range
Full HD Flexo delivers exceptional printing throughout the entire tonal range; dazzling highlights, stable mid tones, smooth gradients and solids, along with higher solid ink densities.
With Full HD Flexo, the screen rulings in flexo printing can be increased, while at the same time reducing the size of the smallest printable dot. This is achieved using a special screening technology and the higher imaging resolution, resulting in sharper images, smoother tints and a greater colour gamut.

Greater run lengths and increased printing speeds
With Full HD Flexo, the time on the press is reduced and plates deliver greater run lengths. Fewer washing cycles make sure that the press is used optimally.

A sustainable choice
Converters and brand owners want to improve quality while reducing costs both on press and in prepress. Time-to-market is reduced through simplified prepress.
There is a sustainable benefit as well. Printing flexible packaging on a flexo press instead of gravure reduces energy use and CO2 emissions by as much as 50%. Converters and brand owners can improve sustainability by taking advantage of the higher quality offered by Full HD Flexo. This effect is even bigger when you think of all the tape waste that you eliminate by using the self-adhesive Twinlock Sleeves from Polymount.

Move jobs from gravure to flexo
Several recent flexo print runs have evaluated Full HD Flexo against competing technologies. Evaluation print runs have proven the excellent colour gamut of Full HD Flexo. A wide colour gamut means that more PANTONE and brand colours can be accurately matched by process colour builds. This was achieved without fundamental changes such as forcing printers to use different inks. With these results, it’s no wonder that brand owners start switching gravure work to flexo.

For more information about our Twinlock Sleeves and the possibilities of Twinlock in your facility, please contact one of our sales offices or send an e-mail to